Mgs4 Raiden&Vamp

I have seen People rip from Ps3 games,my only request would be if anyone including those from xentax,are capable of ripping raiden and vamp from mgs4 as ragdolls for gmod i only have limited experince with ripping from xbox360 games so far those were tekken6,if anyone needs the files ill see if i can upload my mgs4 onto my pc.


I agree Garry’s Mod is overflowing with models from PS3 games. (Not really no.)
I’ve known only few people to successfully do it and one of them indeed was supposed to port from MGS4, he on the other hand dissappeared few weeks ago.

Don’t worry the guy definitely knows a good nice host for some 80GB of content :stuck_out_tongue:

chrrox proved it can be done as well as others from xentax,also on this thread:
he showed a textured face model of raiden,so it can be done.

Someone can do it = / = everyone can do it.