MGS4 Replacements (SOmeone make it)

I think, someone can make replacements with this
Rebels and medics: Rat Patrol 01
Combine: FROGS/ Haven troopers
Alyx: Meryl Silverburgh
Breen: Coronel Roy Campbell
Kleiner: Otacon
Metro police: PMC Soldiers
Mossman: Naomi Hunter
Eli: Debrin
Barney: Raiden
Citizens: Militias (Each suit a diferent militia)

i will bumb cause i want these too :slight_smile:

Bump, same

First off, it is impossible to rip from PS3, so no luck on actually getting these.

Second, Raiden for Calhoun? I am both shocked and offended that you think that whiny bitch could replace Barney Calhoun.

I thought Raiden’s bad-ass now.

your sissy avatar adds to your credibility.

Why would Breen be Campbell? Shouldn’t he be Liquid?

But yeah, this is pretty much impossible. Although we MAY see some PS3 model ripping in the future thanks to the recent homebrew breakthroughs with the PS3, there’s very little chance a project like this will happen.

You’d be surprised - who needs ripping when fans have already remade them? Although they don’t all fit together naturally, lots of recreations have been made all over. Meryl was made for UT2k4, Old Snake for UT3, and i’ve seen the MGS4 PMCs be recreated for SMOD and CS:S.

He is, if you played MGS4 you’d see. He’ll tap dance your god damn chest to DEATH.

Well, I haven’t played it.

The ones I’ve played are MPO and MPW.

I’ve actually saw some people have at least the frog soldiers in Max. Never saw the released meshes though - I’ve got the weird feeling they might have used the RE5 model importer. Though uncertain about that.

This might be raidan - though it might be created and not grabbed

I thought sony fixed that with a patch? and didn’t those people who where selling those chips for 130 dollars got sued or something?

Raiden is SO much better than Barney.

Dont do that.

People like you who bump old threads ruin Facepunch.