MGSV MODEL. I suck. officially, i need help. Help? Plz?


I dont even know why.

In blender the model appears fine. When the model is a ragdoll its fine.
But the moment an animation is added to it, such as being a player model the arms start to mess up.
I’ve tried rotating the mesh and the bones in blender and re applying it to the model and it still doesn’t work

The arm is twisted when its a player model. I don’t know how to fix it. I feel like i’ve tried everything.
Help plz.

Here is the pictures

Anyone got any ideas how to fix it. I tried to re rig it all. And it messed it up even more. :frowning:

I’m assuming you took this model from the CSGO side of Game Banana, and if that is so, then I would recommend just renaming the bones. You don’t need to rerig squat if the model is already rigged, you just have to rename the bones in their sequential order into the playermodel form of Valve Biped.