"Mhhh... stay in bed with me... there's a storm out there"

I’m sorry, I’m have to go to work baby.



*Posing : 30 minutes + 5 minutes searching a good angle
Editing (ingame) : 15 minutes
Editing (Photoshop) : 15 minutes
Background version : coming later

Don’t you hate it when it happens.*

You’ve done an excellent job with this one. Very moody, I like it.

I find the nasty textures really distracting in this, especially on the dude.
The woman looks really uncomfortable too.

Moody indeed. I like it.

Looks like she broke her wrist to me.

My wrist can do that.
Pictures is awesome. But a hair edit is in order cause I don’t know any girls who sleep with a ponytail


no, that’s perfectly normal

also don’t use fakefactory models, i know he has the market cornered on nude models but he’s rubbish at making anything even partway decent; the way she’s laying is really fucked up too, maybe you should’ve edited in a sheet or something to cover that up

Agree’d but find me better looking nude models then, because I couldn’t.

i’ve yet to see any which don’t look fucked up (then again, i don’t look because i have no use for them). the fact that most people who make these models are horny early-mid teens with fucked up ideas of human anatomy doesn’t help.

shit, in a situation like this, i’d probably just use a model with relatively tight-fitting clothing and paint over it to make it look like skin, then use a blanket to cover both the floating limbs and make me have to do less fake skin.

great atmosphere, good job.

maybe its the lighting but the hip and ass of that girl looks like a malnourished viet cong sex slave i.e. going along with ross’s line of reasoning about the skewed view of the female body. not blaming you or whatever just rambling about nothing in particular

ah just disregard me :tiphat:

Yeah, I guess she didn’t really enjoy herself last night.