mHub - Gamemodes all in one, with a social aspect.

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Im planning on making a lot more gamemodes in the future and want to host them all on one server. So I came up with mHub. Now, before you say this is a rip-off to Garry’s Mod tower, it’s not and if it is well, i’ll change it. This thread is just if I should actually make the gamemode or not. Im still gathering idea’s for it, but I drew up a brief plan on the back of my History book (it was originally gonna be gHub, then I noticed its similar to GitHub.):

Behold the greatest drawing skills of all time!

Anyways, on the paper you can see the possible mini games that will be created. If forgot to add First Person Battleship and Heists when I made it

Planned Minigames:

Twisted System (From fusion frenzy:
Blast Man Standing (Also from fusion frenzy:
Heists (Just like in PayDay 2)
First Person Battleship

Once you complete these games you can earn creds to buy cosmetics/playermodels etc


I’m really just not sure if I should work on this or not. I’ve asked a couple of friends and they said they’re not sure and believe it will only go well if its made correctly.

I’ve pondered the idea of a gamemode that loads a series of minigames before. It would ideally work via a level designer that you can attach code to. Two large empty rooms on the map would house the minigames, constructed from meshes and entities. While playing in one room, the other room would delete its contents and assemble the meshes for the next game in a coroutine to avoid lag spikes.

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voted for all three because silly billy you made it a checkbox vote not a radio vote

Yes and no for this. Some of the minigames (twisted system) require the map for the drill platform thing. If I can do what you suggested, Ill definitely do that. (I’m not very good at hammer)

Well, people could have yes or no answers…

I don’t know what could require a physical map instead of mesh and entity use. If you want to raise a platform, use computeshadowcontrol on a physical object.

Anymore thoughts?

[sp] And yes, I will go with your idea bitches [/sp]

I know a community that had a hub/lobby server to redirect to different gamemodes. Also had some minigames and a shop which incentivized players to join through lobby.