MI-24 Hind of DOOM

Hello everyone, this is an old collab project by me and Candyman from 2010-ish! (Old pictures, sorry for that)

And this is it with another color scheme!

Hope you like it!

why not just make one thread for all these?

All the poses get a separate thread per picture, why not me?

you don’t look into pose threads much do you

a good example: three different poses in one thread http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1251323

also thanks for building my fav helo

Merge two unfitting sections?

Garry, I am disappoint.

Sorry, I’m just too used to being restricted to 100 contraptions in a thread. Get’s a bit cramped you know.

It’s not unfitting, it’s just that contraptioneers are not used to how the mentality of this section works.

You don’t drown the page in threads about almost the same thing. If you have a lot of content that you know you’re going to be posting then you might as well post it in one thread in stead of 4.

This is exactly why it sucks to have both forum subtopics together.
nice contraption though

If people aren’t getting the message: I, and a sizeable portion of others, want a separate contraptions forum.

sorry bub, that ain’t happening.

Tell that to God, he’s the smartest guy and can never make a mistake. It’s a part of his plan :v:

but God has no power here

there’s the other G guy tho; good luck trying to turn his head

At least this isn’t like this thread

MorGan Freeman?

So you’re saying its perfectly fine to drown all of my content to show off yours? It’s just common courtesy to post multiple pictures/subjects in one thread, especially if its not over a spread out amount of time. All you’re doing is pushing hours of other peoples’ work/art (including mine) into oblivion, just to prove a point. I like a lot of what you’ve posted but come on dude, not necessary to post 10 things in one day don’t you think?

these are really well done, however, if you are going to make several threads about every single one, it would be easier for you and others to keep it in a compilation thread…

That’s a very nice airframe.

Even though it was made in 2010, it would be very nice if you could post a flight video.