Mi-24 hind *wip*

I noticed how boring Facepunch has been lately so I wanted to show something that might make it less boring…

A MI-24 HIND, its not perfect like the model but I think I got it pretty close. Side arnaments to come soon.



I am the walrus.



I am the walrus.


Have fun.

You’ve definitely got the shape down, it just looks a little plain.

It has 5 rotors and 3 tail rotors.
The ball on the front is way too big.

insta-kudos for Snow map.

Nice. I played around with this on the server you were on InoUBtUDntnoMe. I think you know who I am and I think I who you are. XD

You definitely have the shape down. Now it just needs details.

Also, fix the cockpit windows, they look bad for some reason.

It lacks any sort of interior details

Well I’ll be damned, that looks awesome, you got the shape almost perfect. Add some interior detail and stuff, and it’ll be perfect.

Something feels just wrong about it… but I don’t really know what D:

wow, it looks like its coming along great. You even put in the APU intake!

Tail rotor blade angles seem a bit off. like 2 are at 90 and the other one is at 135. but thats an easy fix.
And yeah 5 main rotor blades :slight_smile:

cant wait to see it finished and flying.

oh and whats you method of making it fly? E2?

It seems a little too short, and a bit too thin(Might just be the perception). Something about the passenger compartment is bugging me too, can’t put my finger on it.

Very nice overall though


Will the e2 be controlling finned rotors or will it just be making it hover while the rotors spin uselessly? Also cool helicopter. The cockpit windows look a little odd but other than that fantastic!


Yes to which one? I presume the second?


This is just my opinion, But i think that the contraptions section is so boring because everyone keeps posting the same shit all the time. Helicopters, cars, whatever. Especially helicopters, I hate helicopters.
It’s hard to make an original helicopter, because helicopters often look alike, They do the same thing (Fly and shoot shit). With a car it’s a bit different. Different suspensions, Types of cars etc.

make it look less like a green terd. the color sucks. Other than that, I like the fact that it looks like a helicopter.

Put some detail props around the body, I know the Hind can’t be that flat.

Interior details?