Mi-35 Hind and Eurocopter Tiger

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Mi-35 Hind and Eurocopter Tiger from Battlefield 2

[tab]General Info:[/tab] Ragdolled Mi-35 Hind and Eurocopter Tiger. Mi-35 has bodygroups for landing gear, rotors, and all wing hardpoints (paired). Eurocopter has bodygroups for rotors and both wing hardpoints (paired). Mi-35 also has 4 skingroups; Desert, Woodland, desert wrecked and woodland wrecked, and Eurocopter has two, Desert and desert wrecked.
[tab]Credits:[/tab] DICE, Nirrti.




You are a fucking god.

Those look great, should be useful.

I jizzed. Twice.


I use the nazi player model too.

Isn’t that a Mill Mi 24?

Can these be broken down into individual parts? (Like rotor, tail rotor, wheels, etc.)


Technically no and… Yes…
It’s got Czech markings so that would make it a Mi-35 (Simply the name of the export model Mi-24).

Invent a Model King rank, lol.

Sweet Awesome Sauce.

It’s probably an Mi-35 because the M.E.C. isn’t Russia, so it would indeed be the export.

I actually believe we did not have the export version as we were a direct warsaw pact country. The export versions like the t-72 exports were usually sold off to allies and were somewhat inferior to the nonexport ones.

Also apparently we gifted six m-24s to Afghanistan a few years ago so that might be their source as well ;p

(we seem to own both the 24v and 35. Though from what I can see the differences between the 35 and 24 were relatively minor.)

Oh cool, you found the eurcoptor. Great work on these.

Hmhmhm, any chance of breaking these up? Either me or Hornetnest would turn them into WAC helicopters.

Or me
I could try making my helicopter base ragdoll compatible, but the main rotor would still have to be separate.

Oh, hey, Welt. I tried a few ways to get it to target ragdoll bones, but nothing I could do worked. I’m not that experienced with Lua, though.

I never manipulated ragdolls with lua either, but learning never stops I guess.

If WAC were even ragdoll compatible the tail rotor isn’t rotatable I did some poses with it last night (no homo) on his LHD-2 and I couldn’t rotate the rear rotor.

Someone better hurry and make these WAC-able.

this would go a lot faster if we had anyone who cared to model for us consistently - we have a full lineup of 20 or so helicopters planned and we can make a total of zero of them until we get a modeler