Mi First Model

that’s all


hey the model is finished only have to re-compile

no one here will want this. anime isn’t widely recieved here

i made this model for a friend, just testing

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i only want a opinion

Oi! Fuck off! @eireke This looks fantastic Hatsune Miku Combine I really hope it get’s released!

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Aww Jason278 rated me dumb…

We hope it doesn’t.

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It’s a poorly made head hack, what else do you want us to say?

Hey, thats very uber cool!

never make a model again

I’m gonna download it just out of pity. Seriously I feel that you guys are going a bit too harsh even for your standards.

Cool for your first model. Looks like an Female Zim :wink: Tell me when its released.

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Speak for your self, The fuck do you know what other people want.

Thanks Guys! i hope i gonna relase it today

Pd: Sorry for my bad english i’m from spain

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don’t think by others

What a brilliant post.

What the hell happened to my post?

Those things don’t fit with each other. Maybe try using the combine assassin model? Even still you’d have to shrink the head significantly.

i can’t decompile that model, i had 2 ideas before this, combine miku or michell (miku + chell) but i can’t decompile gmod models

your messages are in the top right corner of the screen.

Open the model with notepad and change IDST0 to IDST,

It fucking sucks, get out.


This looks even funnier than :