mi marauder's screenshots

Hello one and all, this thread is to contain any screenshot’s (or links to screenshot’s if there are too many)
feel free to give critisism, just don’t get carried away with talking about all the bad stuff.





The assassin model i have been using is a hexed version of Romka’s assassin elite replacement
Gordon Freeman Model is from Oneman’s pack of Gordon Freemen
The model in the first image is the Light class Corps model from the mod Dystopia
I have replaced the two original images below because they needed revising.

First is great, the rest are okay. The last one makes me want to claw my eyes out.

I guess you hate halo? or something about the map?
Horrible screenshot in general.

Agreed, first one has a really nice angle and the posing seems fine.

The last ones look rushed and ugly.

I guess it helps when i increase all the image quality settings :stuck_out_tongue:

Well some of them were from quite a while ago, i.e. the counter terrorist one

Actually the CT & Terro pic is nice, the blur is well placed and the posing seems ok.
But the pic with the halo dudes has bad lights and needs a better angle :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the advice, shall i replace the not so good ones but put a hyperlink leading to them? (how i plan old screenshots to be replaced to reduce page load time)

Maybe tagging them?( [MEDIA] LINK TO PIC HERE [/MEDIA ] )
But I think they load anyway even with tags :X

Nothing special.

I am curious as to where you found a hexed version of “Roomba”'s (Romka) assassin model. Posing on the first pic is quite good.

yeah i got the names mixed up, and the link to the hexed version is on the first post of the model’s page

:bravo: for the first pic. The rest not so much. It is better to focus on one or two pics. Give them all the attention and the result will be there after.

I saw the first one and thought “woah this is surprisingly good” but boy did it get a lot worse from there.

I liked the first one.