[MIA Community] InstaCraft | Airdrops | Teleport to friends | 24/7 | Join our teamspeak: www.miaclan.eu

MIA Community made a Rust server.


  • InstaCraft
  • Airdrops
  • Teleport to friends*
  • 500 slots
  • No Lag

Join our teamspeak if you want to:
www.miaclan.eu or www.miacommunity.eu

Take a look at our website, or forums at:
www.miaclan.eu or www.miacommunity.eu

  • Teleport to friends,
    When you join a new server, you don’t want to spend your first 30 minutes in finding each other.
    On our server, you will be getting 1 chance to teleport to your friend(s)
    Ask an admin to teleport you, if the player you want to teleport to accept this,
    we will teleport you to your friends,

Recognize Admins:
Admins will have [MIA] before or behind their names
Also “Switchy” is an admin.

How to join:

Launch the game, once in the menu screen press “F1”
In the console, type “net.connect”

We hope you will have fun playing on our servers!


Airdrops will now come faster than usual!

Server is working again!

Server is not lagging anymore!

Server Version will stay at 1057 for this server,
we are creating another server on version 1058

An Admin base was attacked today and as soon as the stuff was stolen from it about 15 air drops consisting of over 40 crates drop down simultaneously unfortunately I forgot to get a Screen shot of it but about 20+ people Online saw it and you may have logs of it, I find it unfair that Admins can just drop that many air drops down for themselves then go around killing people that have spent the last day trying to get what little resources they can.

I’ll talk about it with the admins.