Miami 2045 - Brutalist hoverboarding before the encroaching storm

Inspired by Roblixx and Vioxtar’s recent pictures.

Very cool and atmospheric. Amazing scenebuild.

Absolutely nice atmosphere and perfect choice of my fav song by Pixies.

atmosphere and build are both killer, the only thing that bugs me is the fact that there’s a storm approaching, but the trees show no sign of there being any wind blowing. you could’ve probably added that by isolating the trees entirely into another shot, using liquify to bend the trunks and branches, and then fitting them into the rest of the shot

we need some rigged trees

I actually wanted to do something with the trees. Unfortunately my game crashed just as i took a poster 3 command with mat_fullbright. I only had the fullbright and one regular lamp pic to work with. Had to do everything manually.

This is seriously one of the best scenebuilds i’ve seen here, fantastic work.

As someone who lives in Miami, I can confirm this picture is a very inaccurate depiction of the canals here.

For example, it’s not filled to the brim with garbage, mud, rubbish, and algae and other various nasties, nor are the people surrounding it dead due to the stank-ass smell of rot and shit coming from it.

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Also there are no Mormons here.

You know, I was actually building a futuristic LA first, was going to paint all the cement beige, but when I started editing the storm I figured that there’s no storms going on in LA but there are regular storms in Florida so Miami it was!

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It was actually supposed to be scientologists and not mormons, not sure why i put in mormons.