Mic Disabled for players

How to make it like they have to apply on the forums than they wil get acces ingame to use mic?
Because there is so much squeakers around i want to limit it by denied aplications and accepted
i saw it before on a server that you had to go to the forums to apply to get mic acces ingame i’m running Deathrun Gamemode is it poisble is it a addon or something? i can’t find it.

If your forum software links SteamID to forum accounts then you could query the backend database for the forum and check the usergroup of specific users. So when you join a server, your SteamID is queried against the forum software database, if you’re of correct rank, set a flag on the player. Inside a

GM/PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice hook, check to see if the flag is set, if it is, allow them to use voice, otherwise, don’t let them.

If anyone could let me know the tables/how SteamIDs are stored I could write up a 5 minute script and put it on github.