Mic indicator

How change mic indicator? Example:


mp_show_voice_icons 0 will disable the default icon. You can draw your own with 3D2D and PlayerStartVoice/PlayerEndVoice.

I don’t understand it…

then you’re not going to know how to make your own voice indicator icon

There’s absolutely no way to do this. I even begin to question myself how did I manage to do this, but unfortunately my memory is too faded at this point.
Least I could do for you is to tell you one thing: stop trying to copy us, if you have skill-slash-knowledge of amount, that approaches zero.

I myself love the minimap.

Бля, ты мне по-русски объясни где и как это делать, у меня туго с английским. Я так понимаю можно просто в Фотошопе сделать PNG замену для стандартной иконки? Где находится папка с иконками?

И ещё один вопрос, касательно темы- как сделать player.info не прилипшим к экрану, а чтобы оно находилось именно над персонажем?

Yes. Exactly what I was thinking.

In more serious terms
Говорите, пожалуйста, по-английски.


Kurwa perdole syka blya

Google translate says Английская мать засранец ты можешь говорить это?

Google translate produced complete crap here. It pretty much means nothing. Or at least not what I think it was supposed to mean.

Google translate is godlike programm, i love it, because I am stupid schoolboy. My teacher love me and i love she too, sex.

I was trying to quote Shaft. You know the line.

What is that cool little map in the bottom right corner? I want one on my bottom right corner too

That my dear child is called a mini-map. You see, games will sometimes have a mini portion of the map so you can see where you’re at!

It’s neat so you don’t get lost.

I think he means the way the minimap look, like gta with grey scale block and not a top render minimap

It’s also kinda vector. There’s a thread about these servers.