Mic lag issues?

I’ve been playing on a certain TTT server for nearly a year now and a few months ago (I believe it was back in April/May when there was an update related to GMod voice codecs) I started to have issues with mics lagging/cutting out but only on this server. It generally happens when there are ~18+ people on the server (the maximum is 24) and it only seems to effect certain people. From talking to other players it seems as if it happens to them occasionally, but for whatever reason it happens to me nearly every time the server is close to being full. My ping/latency seem to be fine but whenever people start to talk over voice chat my packet loss starts to go up quite a bit until they stop talking. I haven’t noticed any real issues with gameplay itself when it’s happening, only mics seem to be effected.

The community has several 40 slot CSS servers which don’t have any issues with mic lag at all so I imagine some of the settings for the GMod server are screwed up. I’ve done a bit of research and found a few threads suggesting to have sv_use_steam_voice set to 0 which is already how it is on the server so I’m not sure of what else could be causing it.

The server IP is if you want to check it out, I’d appreciate it if someone could look into this and find some sort of solution.

whispers “What kind of mic?”

Using it as a USB headset.

Also, its from the server lagging and glitching. You can’t fix their problem, mate.

I saw several other threads on Page 1 that consisted of people asking technical questions, sorry for not noticing the sticky. If my thread could be moved I would appreciate it.

As for the actual issue, it isn’t as simple as the server lagging. No one’s latency goes up when this occurs and it doesn’t seem to effect everyone. Most players on the server are perfectly fine and aren’t even aware that the issue exists.

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No one has a clue still?