Mic no longer working in latest build?

Since the update today (17th) my mic is no longer working, the V key does nothing, no icon showing, no one hears me at all. Is anyone else having this problem?

I noticed the icon wasnt showing up for me. I asked in game chat (rustafied main) and someone said the voice chat always works just the icon doesnt always show up. I hope thats it, should make for a quick fix.

Please note I couldnt actually verify my chat was working with no icon, Im going on someone else’s word. They seemed confident enough. It makes it very confusing with it bugged though :frowning:

I think they used to get Mic input from steam settings and now it’s Mic input only…but I also saw no icon on a modded server but did on a on-modded sever after i set my setup to default mic input. they need to add options in game for Mic input.

I use virtual cable and before patch it worked off of steam settings. now it does not. They need to not half ass the sound settings…done playing till they fix. fucks up streaming sound with video.