mic not working and names not showing up for admins

has anyone elses mic stoppped working in game no one can hear each other anymore and names arent showing up either very annoying for admins.

I cant comment on the mic problem but i am pretty sure that they removed the names in an update. (No idea why they would do that though)

its a hackers wet dream

In-game voice chat is currently not working. Should be fixed soon.

Posted on www.rustafied.com on 10/17

Name tags (the yellow name above peoples head when you get close) have been a pain in Garry’s ass lately from the looks of it. Over the past 2 days he’s had several commits around nametag prefabs, materials and dlls. It appears to be some issue with Unity’s UI system (aka out of the teams hands) so nametags are going to be disabled for a bit till this gets worked out. Good thing voice chat is working!