Mic Not Working in Rust

I’m unable to talk to anyone in-game and it’s not a hardware issue as I am talking to my friends on Team Speak whilst not being able to talk in game when holding V. What is happening is, the mic symbol is showing up in the top right but it is staying dim as if I’m not triggering it. My friends say that they can hear only faint static when my mic is keyed up in game but not my voice.

There isn’t a hardware selecting option as far as I can tell in game. Is there anything I can do?

This has been happening since the Feb 17th patch. I was able to talk to people before that.


I am unable to use mic on official servers bit it works fine on community servers. Try a community server and see if the issue is resolved.

I’ve never been in an official server. I’ve tried all types of servers otherwise.

Check what the windows default microphone is set to. Not sure if there’s a place in steam or rust you can set it.