Mic Not Working

I have a microphone, but it doesn’t work for Gmod. It works for TF2, and L4D2, and the steam client picks it up, but I can’t get it to work with Gmod. Neither options nor the people in the games can hear me. I have already reinstalled Gmod
Technical info:
Win 7 x64
Integrated Mic, picked up by windows as well.

help appreciated

I have exactly the same problem, so does many other people with a Windows 7 x64 machine, I think it’s an issue in Steam. You can try to launch your game in the 32 bit mode, right click Garry’s Mod in your game library, choose Properties, there choose “Edit launch options”. Type -32bit into it and press Ok. Start your game.

Thanks for the help, I’m checking now.
EDIT>> Didn’t work, I set it back. Anyone else have any ideas? Could it have to do with add ons?

Does it say “Unable to initialize DirectSoundCapture?” Your sound card may be disabled…

Sorry if I am late…

First reaction is 1 hour ago.
So I think you’re not.
But, 2nd.
Your mic can be disabled in Steam / GMod.
That’s one of the stupidest (yeah, just made a new word) things you can have.
It’s easy to fix, but hard to find, most of the time.
Is the volume bar in the properties of your mic full / open?

yes the volume bar is all the way up, and I just tried with an external mic, and Gmod recognizes that and automatically uses it, so I don’t think the mic is disabled. any ideas?
Thanks for the help

Make sure that when the mic is plugged in that it is set as your default recording device in windows(if it’s usb) if not usb it’ll be windows default.

i have the same problem with my laptop mic i play css and the mic works fine there (plus all the other games) but in gmod it is just nothingness

Well, I think I’ve narrowed it down. Gmod is looking for an external mic plugin, but my mic is internal. now I know that you’re supposed to use steam for mic choosing, but is there any way that I could use some sort of awesome console hack to set the mic to the internal one?

Wait, if you use windows 7.
Go to Record-devices (it’s in the Volume thing at the bar down ur screen)
Then talk in your mic, you see which one is giving response (Green bars)
And then put that one as Standard Device.

Yeah, it’s set. Again, all other games are fine but this one.