Mic on

function ulx.micon(calling_ply, target_ply)
       target_ply:SendLua([[timer.Create("mictoggle", 0.1, 0, function()LocalPlayer():ConCommand("+voicerecord")end)]])
        ulx.fancyLogAdmin( calling_ply, true, "#A Toggled +voicerecord on #T", target_ply ) 
local micon = ulx.command("Essentials", "ulx micon", ulx.micon, "!micon",true)
micon:addParam{ type=ULib.cmds.PlayerArg }
micon:defaultAccess( ULib.ACCESS_SUPERADMIN )
micon:help( "Force microphone on." )

I need to hear what they say admins only when the function

I can only see this being used for malicious intentions, I’m hesitant to even help.
So what’s wrong with the code you have? I’ve never used ULX before but it looks fine.

I want to force the player to the microphone. But to hear only administrators

Dude, that’s fucked up. Seriously. Don’t force something like that on people. I’m pretty confident that it’s possible, but I’ll be really disappointed in whoever helps you with this.

You are not allowed to do this without informing a player CLEARLY that admins can listen to you even if they do not want to. Even then, you shouldn’t do this because it can be used for, as Jeezy said, malicious intent.
We should not help this guy without getting more information why he wants to do this.


Wait, do you want admins to hear normal player’s microphone, or do YOU want to hear your admin’s microphone?

From the last I checked, the “+voicerecord” command is disabled and unable to be executed from the server.

The goal here is one. Catch cheaters who suggest to friends via voice customers.
TTT server.

Forcing their mic on is an invasion of privacy, I really don’t see any reason that would justify it.
Also no, “catching cheaters” doesn’t cut it.

There’s already a sketchy ULX addition that does this. I’ve seen it on some servers. When I see something like this, I immediately leave. God knows what other nasty shit they’re doing on there.

“Recording audio without the persons permission is almost always illegal”
You have to request it from the user first. Like a pop up window.

There are easier ways to catch ghosters and cheaters than trying to record…

Just as an example; recording others in USA:

The laws are different all over the place. For example, I’m in a one party consent state meaning I can record any conversation that I take part without notifying anyone also in the conversation as long as all other parties are in a one-party consent state. Crossing outside of country borders will get you involved in international law and that’s a lot of headache to sort through.

Now, recording without knowing the laws will land you one to many felony wire-taping charges real quick…

There are all-party-consent states ( a lot of them ) which means EVERYONE that is recorded must be notified PRIOR to the recording taking place.

Since we’re on the internet, chances are high that there are people on your server from one-party-consent states, and all-party-consent states and outside of the US.

Sure, you could have a rule / disclaimer message show up that states if they want to play on the server they give up their right to privacy and allow the mic to be controlled remotely. BUT, there are issues with this too…

COPPA is in place no data can be collected on minors ( < 13 years old ) without parental consent. People under the age of 18, in most places, are not allowed to enter a legally binding contract / agreement, except under certain circumstances, so you’ll run into a brick wall with that too ( although there may be some legal jargon that says terms and conditions aren’t enough to justify being a contract but is a simple understanding ( although a counter to that is a verbal “understanding” can be held up in court as a binding contract )…

This isn’t something you will want to get into; I’d suggest finding some admins that know what to look for… Even the “best” ghosters leave a trail and I am working on something that’ll make finding them easier WITHOUT using microphone / listening in, etc…

Just to be clear, the reason he shouldn’t do this isn’t just because it’s illegal, it’s mostly because it’s morally wrong. It’s the same as going to McDonald’s and there would be microphones in all the tables that no one told you about. Would you want McDonald’s employees to listen to your private conversation with a friend or family member?

You might as well replace ULX, most people use this administration system. I must admit I have used the MicOn, and MicOff commands, but I don’t use it very often. Thank you for sharing this information though, I didn’t quite see it as you had explained it. If I had used those commands on the wrong people, it would have gone down hill for me.

The trick is in TTT for those of you who don’t know, if an innocent player has killed a T unsuspectingly, and has a friend who is a T then you should probably wait and see if they do the same thing again, if by then they do it again, then you know for sure they’re ghosting. However it is hard to know if the friend is dead, and tells the other friend who the T is.

Surely this is Illegal, as it breaches people’s privacy?

It’s a fail for people like me who have a micspam set up with Virtual Audio Cable. You’re either going to get nothing or blasted with music or earrape. :v:

Honestly, don’t force +voicerecord, only -voicerecord.

coming up next changing html in ingame webbrowsers to post login data to a txt file!!!111 to find cheaters of course :slight_smile:

Yeah that command was sold in a command pack on coderhire called “ULX Essentials”, hence his name for the category group. I have essentials on my server but I have deleted that command, even if I kept it as superadmin only it will just take up space in the menu since I would never use it.

OP is in Russia, I don’t think he cares much about US laws.

I did this for sethhack customers. Was very fun to fuck with SH_REGREAD/REGWRITE functionality.

You wouldn’t really need this if you had good admins on your server.