Mic problems

Ok, I have pretty much every source game, on or offline, and this problem only happens here, the issue is whenever I use the mic it comes out all staticy, and I don’t mean a little bit, I mean it becomes an ear raping fusillade of sound, I’ve played around with the settings both in the steam thing it’s self, and in game, but it just wont work. It doesn’t happen in any other game, they can hear me fine in l4d2, l4d, css, ect. but he I’m incomprehensible.

ALSO: I’m on my second mic, the first was the USB mic that came with the regular XBox 360 Rockband, it had the same problems, my new one is a wired Xbox Live headset piped through a Xbox 360 wired madcatz controller (I don’t use the controller to play, I ductaped it to the top of my PC). I have all the updated drivers for all my hardware and software, the cord isn’t messed up, I just can’t figure it out, anyone know what to do?


How is this to do with garrysmod.org?

Turn down your volume.

First (Edited) : It’s the forum that pos up when I clicked the “forums” button, so I posted here.

Second: Volume 0, volume 100, it doesn’t matter, it’s just as loud, just as staticy.

Wow no one is going to help you with that attitude lol.
Anyway maybe your microphone is lose?
Maybe you have hlss running with a static sound?
Umm i can’t think of any other things that could cause this.

Nah, I don’t have hlss, and it’s not lose, it’s a headset, and I don’t have the problem in any other game.