Michael Myers from John Carpenter's: HalloweeN

Looking for a good murderer model. I am surprised that this has not been made. Hunter said he could skin it but I’m looking for a hexer. I’d like the official image of terror, the mask that Nick Castle wore in '78.

I’d prefer if this was a custom skin, like his jump suit. Don’t worry about the knife, the Fallout 3 weapons pack has a kitchen knife. If anybody can do this I would be very greatfull.

I second this.

Yay, a follower! :smiley:

I have all the movies, even the re-makes ,so that’s pretty much why I would also want it, also to put in a few comics.

Zombie’s was crap. Good musician, horrible film director.

I only really like the official ones
HalloweeN: The Night HE Came Home!
HalloweeN II: More of The Night HE Came Home!

Michael really dies in the second and “The Return of Michael Myers” is really HalloweeN III (because Carpenter sent in a film called “Season of the Witch” but the billing company sent it out as "HalloweeN III: Season of the Witch.) HalloweeN 4 (3) through 8 (7) are unoffical films, I look at it like a fresh start, like 4 (3) is The first in a series.

I support this.

Same. I support this. It’d be awesome for a Halloween gmod comic ;D

There was that one ported from Vice City, but I can’t find it on Gmod.org

I think you mean the Jason Voorhees model.

Any of those what you meant.

Shit, it was. :v:

You could probably reskin the mask to look like Mike, though.


Of course you of all people would want this Fear xD

I keed…

I don’t care if you kid or not, I’m just surprised that it was never made. D:

I could try to reskin a citizen.


Might look like ass though

I would perfer a custom model. But give it a try and we’ll see how it turns out.

We need this or I will go mean and eat people.!!!.:D.!!!.