Mickie (new nude female models)

I have do this with some part of different models (the head, the butt, soon the shoes).

The only problem for this time is: The face pose dont work and i try again and again but he dont want work :’(

Here she is:




She is not finish (because is a wip ^^ )

Now i try to replace the red shoes with bare feet:


I still have to reskin this part we do not see the seams, then test it again in the games and then release if all work good.

She looks so old!

Only looks mid 20’s, nice job so far.

Yep, she looks pretty fine so far. Keep up the good work.

Sexy!Keep the work :fappery:


She has a massive head.

Make the ass cheaks bigger and the head smaller.

No she did not! It is an optical effect due to hlmv. Look the screen in games, his head and ass are normal.

It’s the angle in the render. In-game screenshot looks normal. I think.


oh dear, I hope you plan on doing some SERIOUS reskinning

Realism is scary.

Is it just me, or is that body really, really really disgusting?

Dat ass
Dem tits

Dem nipples (be strange)

Would be awesome if you could get ride of this nail problem, it’s pretty disturbing. :v:

My giney tickles.

Fuck’n nice stuff! I can’t wait for it!!!

:eek: I hope you only spelled that wrong…

Erm, you gay or something? Or just never seen a naked female before?