Micro-stutter and a few bugs since the latest update.

Only posting to let the devs know, as I haven’t seen anything posted about any of this yet.

Since the most recent update 2 days ago, me and a friend have both had a slight drop in frames (nothing major, from an average of 90 to an average of 70-80, its hard to tell now as frames have been all over the place since Thursday.) but we’ve also both started experiencing very small micro stutters, every 10-30 seconds, each stutter literally only lasts half a second and only happens when you’re running around, but its getting quite annoying, with each stutter our frames drop from 90 to 50ish, sometimes dropping as low as 20 fps which honestly shouldn’t happen, and you can quite clearly see a very slight freeze when it happens.

were both running high end computers, and I’ve checked both computers to make sure it wasn’t anything hardware related, gpu temps are fine, cpu temps are more then fine, ram and ssd’s are all operating correctly.

nothing at all is wrong on our end so ive put it down to the latest update or one the patches that came out after the update.

My specs:
6700k @ 4Ghz
GTX 970
16gb Ram @2400Mhz
Windows 10

Her specs:
Xeon e3-1231-v3 @ 3.8Ghz
GTX 970
8gb Ram @ 1866Mhz
Windows 10

We both play on absolute max settings with absolutely no problems except these stutters since the latest update.

I’ve also noticed a few bugs since the latest update, all to do with trees. one tree stayed rendered in 2d and didn’t render in 3d at all, and another tree was completely invisible and didn’t render in at all, I ran into it and couldn’t move, so I swung my hatchet and got 25 wood for it hahaha.

another bug was after an hour or so of playing doors were completely silent when opening and closing them, almost like the client was failing to receive the sound from the server or something, relogging fixed this issue though.

Update: Stutter/frame lag only happens when new buildings are loading in, it never did this before the update on Thursday though.

How big are those buildings?
It would be understandable if there are a lot of them or are huge complexes, but if it’s only small buildings, then something might be wrong.

Nice PC specs tho.

Honestly doesn’t matter what size they are, but the bigger the building, the worse the lag spike.

It’s weird though, before the major update (devblog 97) this did not happen to me at all, and I had legit never seen my computer go below 60 fps. And I was playing on rustralasia main before the last forced wipe. (always above 300, usually at 400) now I’m playing on Sydney hapis, which literally has less then a quarter of the population of rustralasia and I’m getting huge lag spikes when shit renders in, I saw my frames drop to 20 once which should not happen at all. Especially when I average 80+, I did average 90 before that update too… All last week it was smooth sailing, then after devblog 97 the lag spikes started and they seem to be getting worse. I’m not the only one either, my roommate has the same lag spikes and two friends we play rust with also get them. So something with that update has done some damage.

Update: Disconnecting and reconnecting seems to fix it for about half an hour or so. Frames go back to 80-90 solid for a good half an hour, but then after an hour the frame drops get shocking again, dropping from 90 fps to 20 should not happen. Not on machines like ours.

We are having the exact same issue some of us are running gtx 970 as well but buddy is running a 7970 another is running a 290x all doing the same thing

Well that definitely confirms its not just our pc’s, thanks for the feedback, hopefully they get this fixed soon. Can I ask though, just for reference if you have a 970, what driver version is currently installed on your computer? I’ve tried 361.43, 361.75, and the latest one 361.91, none of them made a difference (except 361.75 which seems to completely destroy performance altogether in rust).

I’m not sure which driver I’m running I have GeForce experience to auto update drivers

There’s a LOOOOOT of people using gtx 970 having the same issue on various unity based games. Maybe its not really RUST… looks like a unity issue.

Thing is though, before the update with devblog 97 I didn’t have a single problem with rust, I could run it absolutely flawlessly always above 80fps with an average of 90 and only ever dropping down to 70 very rarely, and with that update they didn’t update unity at all as far as i know so I don’t really think it’s a unity issue, it’s always a possibly though.

Release notes say for tomorrow that they are updating unity … don’t know if that good or bad I also had no issues before the last patch