Micro-stuttering in Rust | Confirmed RealTek Problem.

First, let me describe the problem. Every 30 seconds or so, there will be a stuttering effect whereby I completely lose a few frames. For example, as I pan the screen from left to right, if the stutter happens near the start, my screen freezes at the start point and my display skips the frames I pass through during the stutter. I have confirmed that the problem is due to some incompatibility with my RealTek audio driver and the game.
I have searched about this problem and have found that many people have the same problem that I do. Upon disabling the RealTek Audio driver, the stuttering stops. Is there any other solution to stopping the stuttering, apart from disabling the audio driver? I find playing with the stuttering unbearable and playing without sound pointless.

I am using a MSI GT60 if that helps.