MicroBrush 2 - Alternative to Hammer

I noticed this tool over at Interlopers, it is an alternative to hammer with some peculiar tools that Hammer doesn’t provide, like merging, 3 point clipping, paint selection, etc. This, along with Propper make your mapping much easier. It really makes you wonder why Valve doesn’t update Hammer to provide tools like these.

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Project URL

MicroBrush 2 + Samples

Neato. I’ll have to check that out tonight.

I don’t see why you need alternative programs to make maps… Hammer is there for it it really isn’t that hard to learn.

I know how to use Hammer, I’m just showing people an alternative, MicroBrush 2 has a more intuitive interface, it’s kinda like a Sketchup specialized for Hammer. People over at interlopers are saying that it’s much easier to use and you get stuff done faster (brushwise), it’s also great for optimizing since you can select all the brushes in the map and merge automatically all the ones that can be merged.

This could be interesting. Merging will be a godsend, as I hated having to use grouping, sometimes it just wouldn’t group when I hit the hotkeys. And does it rely on much of the SDK? I’d love to be able to bring it in to college with me so I have something to do while I wait for my bus home.

What about props/textures/entities?

It doesn’t depend on the SDK, I think you can associate textures with colors right now so if you associate a concrete texture with a light grey color you can then export it to hammer and it will keep that texture where the grey color was, the author is planning on adding full texture support later on.


Right now they have to be added through Hammer (except for the small texture support) but editing a map made with Hammer in MicroBrush 2 won’t delete any props/textures/entities, once you go back to Hammer everything will be where it was.

Keep in mind this is mostly made for brushwork, so you can take this small app anywhere and design your maps, come home and open up in Hammer for texturing/decorating/placing entities.

Sounds better and better, I might get it just to mess around in.

Does this mean all brushes created through microbrush will be nodraw? what is the default face texture? I hate making a map in hammer and find my self getting al caught up in texturing when i realize i should be worrying about brushwork <_>

Although Hammer isn’t exactly complex. This does sound intriguing.

I don’t think I will use this rather than Hammer, but it looks like fun to try.


I love how I, by posting one single word, have received a bad spelling, dumb and bad reading rating. :v:


I can’t figure out how to navigate in 3D space in MicroBrush o_O

Escape key >.<

VBSP already merges every merge-able face in the map.


Also you do know hammer mappers fear the word “Microbrush”, right? :ohdear:

That’s what I thought, I was like “what the hell have they made now” and was expecting some kind of follow up on that “my friend uses Carve to make terrain” thread.

For some reason I can’t work with a 2D grid and every button on the interface. I mean, I was just born for professional tools. At least it’s brush-based.

Hmh, I gotta admit that it’s slightly confusing at first, but if I’d learn the shortcuts, it’d probably make creating the geometry of my maps much faster.

As fucking awesome as those videos make it look I think I would be just as efficient on hammer.

I’m not so sure about this. the nature of most of my maps really requires a x/y/z/3d interface.