Microphone activation or tab out of game = disconnect


I play rust for a few weeks now, and i would really like to use my Microphone ingame.

But everytime i try it i get a disconnect. If i press the Button to activate my microphone for more then a second i get kicked. any ideas how to fix it?

got windows 7, an AKG GHS-1 headset (which is set to default in my audio settings)

I also get a disconnect when i tab out of the game to watch something in my browser. when i tab back into the game i get kicked after 2-3 seconds :frowning:

hope some1 has an idea or a solution for me, thank u very much!

What does the console say after you get kicked?

nullreferenceexception object reference not set to an instance of an object

Can you post your specs?

This could help. I was unable to use my mic on official servers. My game would desync if i activated the ptt key. I could no longer use hot keys or interact with objects. However it works just fine on community servers.