Microphone Buzz That Only Happens in Garry's mod

So I have had this issue with Gmod for a while, whenever I test it or talk, a buzzing type sound emits. When I am not in Gmod and I test the mic I hear no such buzz nor do I hear the buzzing in other games or the steam microphone tests. So if anyone else has had this issue and has a fix I would be quite thankful.

Oh and mic boost is off.

Reinstall Gmod D: its teh onli wai.

I can’t see it being anything else if its only with gmod, must be a problem with your addons or something or a file downloaded from a server.

I doubt a reinstall will be successful, but fine I will do it.

Welp turns out you were right a reinstall was needed. I hear no buzzing thanks a ton.

:smiley: your welcome :3