Microphone in GMod not working.

Yeah, my mic does not work in GMod but it works in CSS, TF2 etc. So FP can you help?

Check settings?
Hold X?

I already done both.

I have the Same Problem!! SOMEONE HELP!!!

Validate Gmod files, worked for me.

i did all that it wont work for me it will work for 3 sec and then turn to static every time i talk i need help!!!

A lot of issues have crept up from the 04/14/2011 update that added the new Skype codec to Source games. But he is having issues before the update which seems odd, which screams hardware issue but i could be wrong.

I can not use voice chat in any Source game that this update effects (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM, Gmod) since the update, it either breaks up or just does not pick up my voice.

The only fix that i know of for my issue is to have the server owner/admin set sv_use steam_voice 0 that is if its the same issue that i am having, but this normally fixes this issue as well. or have them lower the voice quality of the newer voice system.

My USB Mic would produce awful static even on the old voice system, i switched back to my Soundcard Mic input and it was crystal clear but it still wont work when i am in a game with this new voice system (only within the steam client without a game running will my Mic work properly). maybe this is your issue, maybe your Mic is going nuts, have you tried a different Mic ?

Does this do it when testing your Mic when in game? if it does enter the above command into console and test again. Note that as soon as you go on a server it will be reset to what ever the server has it set to when playing on the server. but if this resolves your issue you can thank valve for implementing this new voice codec into the games. but i would not see how because you was having it before the update.

Thanks a lot madmax2069. I’m a community admin and the microphone problem has been bugging me since the update, one of the people who can access server changed sv_use_steam_voice to 0 and now the microphones work perfectly.

If it causes so much problems why not take the codec back to original one?

I have been at arms with valve/steam support over this issue. if you ask me more people need to submit support tickets for this issue.

They told me


A staff member has replied to your question:

Hello, We at Steam Support appreciate your suggestion and may consider it for future inclusion. Not all suggestions will receive a response on the forum - this does not indicate whether or not it has been viewed by the developers. We will be unable to provide meaningful input or feedback for your idea.

after the fact i told them that the new voice codec is causing issues for many people including myself. Some people say that updating your computer to vista/win 7 solves the issue (i am running XP myself). it seems to effect XP users, but don’t know if anyone is having this issue in Vista/Win 7.