Microphone problem (Gmod Voice codec)

Ever since Garry has updated the voice codec to that silk codec things have been horrible for me. I have tried a skype freetalk headset, zoom H2 and now a pulsewave 2 gaming headset and all of them still cut out when I talked. I could talk for about 2-3 seconds and then I’d cut out and then I wouldn’t be able to talk for another 4 or 5 and so seconds. It’s really annoying and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m sure it is probably out of my reach as Garry may actually be the only one to “fix this.” But, I don’t see the problem we had with the previous one. It was great and nobody had any problems, and it was just convenient. Now so many people are getting this problem, I being one of them.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do?

So you went out and bought several headsets, potentially needlessly, despite there being easier attempts at solving it, like a fresh install of gmod?

If there are so many people with the problem then why is it yours is the first thread on the matter? Also, garry didn’t change it valve did, and at any rate it was only for steam, not games, though changing it is probably possible.

I hadn’t bought them. They were conveniently lying around.

Skype headset broke, month later I figured I’d use a studio microphone, but the tripod was getting annoying and so I had decided to buy a headset of my own, specifically for gaming.

I had re-installed gmod and still no luck. I have also tested it out in other games to confirm that it wasn’t a problem on my end. It also helps to think as if facepunch wasn’t the only help forum on the internet :downs:

I highly doubt it will be changed, though, thank you for at least replying.

I made same kind of topic and so did some other guy, I tried to re-install Garry’s Mod and it didn’t help. Mostly the problem seems to be in USB headsets if someone owns one here.

I don’t recall Garry upgrading to the silk codec at all. The only codecs that were changed are the ones to do with Steams voice service.

I don’t see why all of a sudden only Garry’s mod seems to be doing this. Everything else works great. Other steam games, other source games and whatnot. It is just gmod. That is what puzzles me.

My friend told me a funny thing about it. He told me to add Gmod in HLDJ game list, turn it on and go play. My mic worked well all the time.

However I think it has something to do with the Source engine update back then, that you cannot micspam in TF2. Maybe the codec actually mixed up the Gmod one.

That sounds like a nifty plan, actually. I’ll have to try that! Although, it would be rather tedious having to turn it on and off… Thanks for the advice.


It didn’t work.

Yeah it doesn’t work all the time.

Many people said to me that buying new headset would be good idea cause it worked for them, why would I buy new headset because it works well everywhere else than in Garry’s Mod?

Don’t really know if anyone has sended a message to Steam support about this problem but it would be nice if it would be fixed soon.

I have the same issues but mines not as bad as yours sounds to be. People just tell me all the time in gmod they didnt hear me cause I was breaking up. Yet I use vent, skype, teamspeak, mumble… you name it any other game even and my mic has no problems at all ONLY garrysmod does it tend to break up all the time.

As for a TF2 update screwing up gmod somehow it would not be the first time lol. I remember I while back there was a HUGE TF2 update that broke gmod for like 2 weeks.

But yeah I would like to see this issues resolved and sometime soon its getting annoying. I can PROMISE you its nothing to do with what mic or soundscard your running as much as a conflict with codec. Most likely there was some codec update or something that screwed it for some people that are running other codec that are conflictinig somewhere but im not about to go uninstalling all my codec for 1 games codec issues.

If anyone had some real ideas outside the realm of “I dont know what his problem REALLY is so I will just tell him to get a new mic” it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh on a sidenote im running a boomstick mic pluged into the soundcard port and my sound card is a SoundBlaster X-fi with latest drivers.