Microphone + Radio (for RP)

Still plenty of unreleased code of mine. As with the other ones I released recently, this “has not been touched in several months.”

VoiceRadio is a combination of a microphone and a radio that together can be put into a roleplay server for a “radio station host” job. Those in the line of the sight of microphone will be heard by those near a radio. Note that by default everyone can hear everyone’s voice on a server, so the gamemode must first have some limitation on who can hear who.

Both the microphone and radio can be toggled on and off. When the radio is off, no sound will be “emitted” by it. When the microphone is off, it will not pick up any voices.

VoiceRadio is not capable of broadcasting music. It only broadcasts voice chat and music played over voice chat.

Read the README.txt file.



Thanks to BoJaN for writing the initial version for a request from me. I came back and updated it.

Holy shit I love you

Could you make one that transmits all the sound around it and also works with text?

cool, i give it a try


here it is



if you wanna try it in our rp.

Wow, dude- really useful and original! Love it.

This + adding a connection between time spent on the mic with your salary and you get well done job.

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(Not trying to make an reference with hoe or anything here…)
This is so useful man, good for mayors in DarkDM.

Transmitting all sound is not possible but the text is. Unfortunately I don’t play Gmod anymore and getting the screenshot of this was hard enough, so someone else has to (and is free to) do this.

This doesn’t work. No errors or anything.

Someone made something like this for me once. It worked almost the same way except that the microphone was not a separate piece.

It would be great if this could be modified to work in sandbox too. The current problem I’m facing is that when microphones are used in Sandbox, they can be heard everywhere. If there was some sort of console command you could add to enable/disable a voice chat radius that would be absolutely fantastic. Thanks.

Are you unable to hear the voice of someone in the microphone when near a radio?

This is the same version that was used on an RP server I ran for a short period of time and it did work then. Of course, Gmod has seen some updates since then, so perhaps something broke.

Yeah, that whole deal.

I do have a thing allowing players to only hear each other when in a certain radius of each other.

Is that part of the gamemode or an addon (that uses hook.Add)? If it’s the latter, it’s not going to work because Garry Mod’s hook system doesn’t support priorities so whatever hook runs first wins.

Didn’t azuisleet add something to gmod that makes it possible to hear the voice chat come from the player?

At least I think it was added but no one noticed or something.

You mean, like 3d sound? Because it says something like that on this page: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Gamemode.PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice

If you do mean 3D sound, yes he did, but you have no control over it beyond just turning it on or off, which is quite unfortunate.

well that sucks

Oh. Yeah, it’s an addon. You could add your own radius of being able to hear other players with this so it’s compatible, though, right?

Where do I get that 3d sound thing, then, if nobody minds me asking?

Err, yeah, but a lot of gamemodes already support it. It would be a bit of a conflict.