Hello everyone, I’m having a problem with my microphone. And now i know it is only Rust that messes up my microphone.
Whenever I don’t play Rust, my microphone works just fine. I’ve done some tests to see what was causing this microphone problem.
It was indeed rust that was making my microphone output computer sounds instead of my voice. But how is this so? I’ve checked my audio settings and everything is fine even while in game. (Microphone set to default communications device.)
My steam settings are all good because I can do a steam call, but that’s after I restart windows explorer (if I was playing Rust I have to restart windows explorer from task manager just to fix my microphone).
Sadly, restarting windows explorer* DOES NOT * fix my microphone in game, but only in other applications, such as Steam and Skype.

Please help me, using my microphone is a must for me, there are tons of people with microphones and I have to type in the chat which can cause me to get killed or just waste time.

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I fixed the mic out of game, but when I hold v now, nothing comes out for others. (I know microphone works because I tested microphone in steam settings)

Can someone please help me… :frowning:

steam - settings - voice . see if u have the good mic there too

Try running Steam and Rust as administrator. On occasion ive had this issue with other steam games and that seems to be the verdict 99% of the time.

I know I am late but I figured I might as well post and see if I could help. Do you have a powered microphone or just one that plugs into the 3.5mm jack? In the case that you have a powered microphone try and power it up before you ever load your Rust client.