Microphones cut out on my server. Everyones.

Everyone’s microphone cuts out. A lot. I have no idea how to fix this and it happens on both of my servers.

It isn’t lag… Any ideas?

The problem might be that either you or the one talking have high ping. Turn on “net_graph 4” in console and monitor the server’s rates and see if the server gets a spike or something on the same time as someone’s talking.

The blue lines that coincide with voice seem to go rather high.

Thats for the client. If you see that blue line at the very bottom of net_graph, you can sometimes see a red line popup quite high and that’s when the server is lagging. The above stuffs is just you.

I am seeing no strange jumps when people talk… I hear it is because of the gmod codec… Is this a possibility?

It could be. Try play around with the sound settings.

Well it isnt just me… Everybody on their clients have sounds cutting out on my server aswell.

if you press more than three buttons your mic cuts out. this is a new issue in garrysmod

Is that it? I feel like more things do it.’

EDIT: Tested. That is not the problem.