Microwave casserole

Microwave casserole.

What the…


You must have been bored

makes no sense. AWESOME!

What is this, i don’t even

Oh wow, so smooth framerate…


“Magnificent Microwave Casserole. Gordon, this is my newest device. SMASH IT IN TEH CAWMBIN FAZES!!!1!1111!!!”

De funny vid.

I think he used motion blur in a post production video editor.

anyway, good job

Go to 2:55. Knew I saw this somewhere before. Be a little more original next time

Oh wow, you just got fucking BUSTED

: /

Yep I got the idea from him. I just felt like making it though.

People should make more jokes from Magnusson.

“When happens when Magnusson gets his Casserole”…


I do envy that framerate though. definitely seconding headshotter there.

I start lagging from three burning shelves :frowning:

Source recorded is cool yo.

but a bastard to use tools with.

True, true.

you should give dasboshit some credit for this.

What exactly were you going to accomplish? A lot of people are already familiar with Gmod Idiot Box, and you didn’t even make anything different except revealing all the barrels beforehand.

And i wonder wich one it is, because Vegas one is just ugly as fuck.