Mid-Afternoon of the Living BLUs....

yeah,i wanted to make the spy’s face worn out with his skull exposed,but it looked like shit and decided to burn him instead.
and yes,i kinda fell in a fixation for spittle…
don’t know why v:v:v
i really need to work on my gore effects…

Posing looks stiff, well cause they are zombies, I mean spawns of Satan?

Those ragdolls aren’t affected by the “better TF2 ragdoll phys” thing for some reason
that explains the stiffness

and well…rigor mortis?

Spy looks amazing. Laughed a bit at Snipers leg
Also title made me laugh too.

How did you do the smoke?

I thought the scout was holding Thor :v:

Great scene. The editing on the spy is amazing.

Pretty cool except for the camera angle.

nice looks cool
but camera angle could be better and i can still see parts of the spys head’s outlines

Cool fire.

Pretty awesome.

Sweet Jesus Christ. That’s… disturbing. Anyway, I like the fire.


The Sniper should drag an axe. (Resident Evil)

haha those are me zombie skins, thank ye for using 'em.

good pose.

Oh I love this.

I love the posing on the sniper. Nice editing too.

for some reason,i thought my editing was bad…
oh well :v:

Avatar’d if ya don’t mind.

The duplicate classes (scout, spy) kinda ruin the effect, but it’s a nice screenshot overall.

Love the spy at the front with half his head on fire.

it flatters me actually