Mid-way to hell

Pheew. Finally finished doing this, I kept pushing this around for a long time.
Futuristic prisons, private military and evil corporations stuff.





Waiting for blackwater to sue me

Fucking amazing. btw what props did you use?

excellent as always

Whoa, this is fantastic.

Mostly portal 2 props, that TheMask beta pack had some cool stuff.

holy mother fucking shit

may I see the scenebuild?

Awesome. Then I saw Kevin Spacey, which makes this twice as awesome.

Here you go


Also, kefinspaci

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Blackwater changed their name btw, it’s Academi now.

Really awesome dude! Would say that the barrel on top of the jail cell seems kind of not completely fitting. Not sure what it’s supposed to be.

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By the way, the pic looks incredibly detailed. Did you take the pic first with the poster command or do you just have a very high rez monitor and then make the image smaller?

Superb work!

holy shit, this is terrific

Damn this is beyond awesome.