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The mod was canceled. See Page 4 (last posts) and Page 5!
Midage : Gmod is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) gamemode that will continue Half-Life 1 mod: Mid-Age.

The game takes place in a fantasy / medieval world that you are able to explore and accomplish quests.

One of the main game features is Skills. Your character have a set of skills that you can train and with them make unique stuff.

List of skills implemented so far


Your proficiency at cutting trees. Has a large role in economy since wood is used for almost everything.


Your ability of mining rocks and extracting ore from them. The ore is used along side with Smithing skill in order to make bars.


The art of smelting ores and smithing stuff. You can do weapons and tools with this skill.

Although Skills are one the most important features in our game it is not the only one.
[li]Account System - You can login to your characters with any steam account[/li][li]Connection to a central database that keeps your characters the same between all servers[/li][li]Two distinct game-plays: PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player)[/li][li]Customizable Interface[/li][/ol]

Latest Media
Video: Midage : Gmod Development Video #2



Video: Midage : Gmod Play Demo #1 - Skills


Development Video 01 [Low-Quality, if you want Hi-Quality go to ModDB]:

Login / Account Creation menu:

Smelter model:

**We have much more media at our ModDB profile. Check it out! **Click Here

Midage : Gmod Team
JPiolho - Coder / A Bit of everything
Elijah - Coder
Alley - Mapper / Art designer
Sisp - Modeler / Texture Artist
Afnopo - Mapper
Luffy993 - Testing / Ideas
Logie Hogie - Voice Actor / SFX / Sprite Artist

Our primary development place will be at ModDB, but we will keep this thread updated. http://media.moddb.com/images/global/moddb_88x31_v12.png
We also have a Twitter where we keep information about what we’re doing at the moment. Link to Midage : Gmod Twitter
If you want to stay in touch with other Midage : Gmod followers join our steam group Link to Midage : Gmod Steam Group

Is there NPCS to fight?

  • Yes

Can we do guilds?

  • Yes, thats a feature planned.

Will bosses be available to kill?

  • Yes, we have a dungeon system planned where players can group and kill bosses. They will drop rare loot that is often better than the one from quests and dropped from enemy npcs.

Servers / Hosting :
How will be the game servers handled?

  • It will have linked servers using an intelligent redirection system.

Can I host my own server?

  • (Update 24/07/2009) Yes, you will be able to host your own servers. You will get rewards for hosting servers. The more servers you host, the better the rewards :slight_smile:

Game Concept
This just looks like another “Runescape” replica

  • Runescape is not the only game that we’re based and therefor it won’t be a replica.

Don’t say MMO because 64 (if it even gets that high) players is not massive.

So runescape on garrysmod, I think 1 or 2 other people are doing the same thing. I was awhile ago but got bored of it and am now working on another gamemode that is close to completion. I mainly stopped because everyone else was creating this gamemode so it wasn’t as fun competing.

look sweet, hope it will be out BEFORE old age…

Don’t say it’s not a mmorpg when it can be. Just because he didn’t explain every aspect of the game doesn’t mean he can’t make it contain more players than 64.

I doubt it will be out, most of these runescape replicas never do.

we will be linking servers so the 64 player limit will not be a problem

I don’t really know Mid Age. Might take a look into it.

Looks pretty nice. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Heya, Alley from the MidAge team over here. (lost my new account password, got to use the old one u_u)

If people were cool enough to read the first post entirely, it would be cool. Trying to understand and analyze it, even better. I recall you that there is plenty more informations about the mod on the moddb page.

@Affinity : We’re not limited at all to 64 players, but we won’t have either 11 millions members (You seems to base your opinion on WoW) If we manage to have an active 64 players base, then we’ll expand, that’s not a problem. Linked servers system ftw.

@find me : We’re not competing at all. JPiolho started the idea, I work and play with him since a few years now, the idea started on SvenCo-Op, then evolved into an HL1 mod and runned on various engines. MidAge is just something we base ourselves on since we know what we want of it.

MidAge will be out, trust me. Incase it happens we cease development (and I really doubt, we’re all highly motivated and learning all the time when trying to involve more complex stuff) I assume the sources will be released. Out of that we ain’t releasing something incomplete and buggy like shit.

Hope this will clear some things.

edit : fixed some spelling errors for you, rating maniacs.

I didn’t say you were competing you need to read better next time.
Is your first language english?

Not at all, I’m french.
Trying to write as best as I can, but heh.

Is it going to be public?

If you mean about releasing server-side gamemode read the FAQ on first post :slight_smile:

Hey guys,
i’m the modeller for the team, i hope we can change all your minds about the game just being a Runescape clone; since that’s not what we set out to be. Although im sure you will see that as the game makes more progress and moves away from the three basic (although highly fun, and neccesary) skills that we currently have in game. So I hope you give us a chance, and discontinue the unhelpful comments such as “I doubt it will be out, most of these runescape replicas never do.” keep comments like that at bay please as they dont help us very much, if you have concerns with the game, and how we are making it, please tell us; but then follow them up with your thoughts on how we can fix them. This game is not just for us but for you aswell, so getting feedback from communities like Facepunch is a must. We’ll try to keep you updated as much as possible, we are a very active, and dedicated development team; even when school, and work are around. Hope to hear some good discussion being held here, if you have any questions please ask away. :slight_smile:

We’re looking for someone that can UV and texture models. Someone that can do that and want to join us just post or pm-me.

To make it not like the already existing Old-Age mod make it like the Renaissance (Age of Gun Powder) or what ever its called.

Old Age and Mid Age are different in many ways. Except the name, maybe ? :wink:

need more tradeskills, Add in that skill for bow and arrow makers. what about spells and sorcery? multiple weapons such as pole-arms, maces, swords, dagger, throwing axes, zweihander and claymores?

I know all of this is planned, not sure about the throwed axes though.
You should also consider the fact that a huge gamemode isn’t made in one day :slight_smile:

“List of skills implemented so far
Wasn’t it clear enough ? :stuck_out_tongue:

We just made a new video.
Midage : Gmod - Play Demo #1 - Skills