Midas Gun

Well, I really hope someone talented will pickup this project.
This would be a gun, that will similiar to golden wrench turn npcs into gold (or metal/rock/australium, got the idea). In other words, gun that will instantly freeze npcs ragdoll (and color it, and give it bigger weight).
Just imagine the gunship flying straight into you, getting shoot down with midass gun, and falling into group of combine soldiers smashing them into the ground. Man, I would play with this gun all the time.

There was one like this a time ago also named “Midas Gun”. It had a view-model of the HL2 shotgun and it fired a beam that killed NPCs, statued their bodies and colored them gold.

Hakita, was it released? I cant find any on garrysmod.org.


I just found “Freezer”

But it isnt thing Im looking for. I want the dead body to have a momentum of the living npc (like a Hunter running into you, turned into gold, still moving forward by momentum, faceplanting into wall.)

It was, but that was way back. I’m just saying that it is indeed possible.

I remember this from gmod9…

Shiiit, I remember that. I would very much like to use it again but it seems to have been taken down :frowning: