Middle Aged RP WIP

I am working on a middle aged base RP and almost have a playable version done, it will be very crappy but playable.

Current Status:
Exp/Money Script - 100% its done
Jobs - 100% done
Hud - 100% for now will ad later
Loadouts - 100% its done with the current jobs
Scoreboard - 0% most likyl using a default one, or making a new one
Menus - 40% i have the job menu, need to add store and inventory now
Entity Scripts with models - 100% just not in the actual game-mode yet
Take away Exp when you change classes - 100% when you choose a job it takes away so much
Religions script (more than one type) - 0% i need to do some research for them i am going to add 3 religions
Exp earning - 0% that’s the only not done Exp part, you cant earn any yet
Buying system - 0% doors, etc…
Store - 0% got deleted i was pissed
Inventory - 0% got deleted as well
Gender System - 0% just thought of
others - 0%

Jobs -
Peasant, Guard, Knight, King, Merchant, Mage, Farmer, Blacksmith, Priest, Cook, Craftsman, Labourer, inn Keeper, Builder, and Druid, Scholar, banker.

ATTENTION, i need some help, i can not load the gamemode now it loads Base instead. PM me if you can help, i will give you a dl link to the game-mode from somewhere more details when you pm me. You will be given credit when the game-mode is finished if you help.

Make a store, travel, cast magic, rule the world, its all up to you. You have to earn it though. You will earn money, get experience, find friends, and more. you can fight creatures, buy houses, anything you can imagine, i will add a lot more just not sure what lol.

Background: I got the idea of darkRP in Middle Ages and already have got extras, it will be better.
This IS my first project and i think it is going well for how far i have made it.

I will post more soon, and i i will post screens/vids as well.

P.S. if you know of a middle aged type map pm me the name please, i don’t have one yet.You will be given credit when the game-mode is finished if you help.

Sorry, about not having more done i posted now because i need a little help.

EDIT - There will now be a queen class along with new ones because the gender system thanks to Chiristian

Suggestion: Add Queen class.

Suggestion: Change the dumb name

Suggestion: Class Scholar or Add banker/accountant.

Scholar = banker, mage, alcymist, priest, high priest.

Add Religion.

Uh and add Pope class :slight_smile: if the main religion is Christian catholic and if there is two religion make the players chose a religion from start which an other player can convert you religion.

Can I roleplay having a mid-life crisis in this gamemode?

Gender System wat

Thread title is so misleading, really. I was expecting an amazing idea, but what I got was a mediocre medieval DarkRP edit.

It’s not going to have anything from DarkRP in it, i got the idea from DarkRP. it will be a game-mode from complete scracth

Whatever happened to SpaceRP, FarCry-RP, RealRP or ArmyRP?

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Seriously people check his started threads.

I really was thinking that the gamemode was going to be about a man sat in a chair from a charity, thinking back on his memories.

Men can go outside. Women get arrested for leaving the house.

Did you get all those ideas from Matthews Middle Ages ?