Middle-Eastern Insurgents

Recently, I realized there are no proper Iraqi or whatever insurgent models out there (the Insurgency ones are a bitch to pose and don’t look that great) so I decided to make some. They’re pretty simple, but I don’t really see what else could be done with them.
If you’re wondering, the long coat body came from KumaWar, the dresshirt is from L4D2, trackpants from GTAIV and the shemagh is from CoD4. All I did was put those together, make some additional skins, fix and rig some things and gave them eyeposing.

**There are 2 models, each have 3 different skins and 3 different coloured shemaghs, which are accessible trough bodygroups. You can get a bodygroup changer here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=84666 **

These also have some new, somewhat experimental physics I made, which have movable shoulders and a movable neck. I’m not sure if it’ll help others pose, but it did help me.




Enjoy or whatever.

Super-duper-awesome. Finally we have some current-generation OPFOR models. No more shitty Insurgency player models!

These could be useful.

Fuck YEA

Are those bodies from Kuma War?

Very nice done. These will come in handy. Thank you.

Experimental physics with moveable neck and shoulders? Eugh, I hated that as soon as Mariokart started using it.

If you would have read the first post you would have found that yes, the long coats are from KumaWar.


The shoulder and neck movements are actually very light, they shouldn’t flop around much or anything.

This are great man, really nice hacks.

these are really nice man, good job

Oh fuck yes!

What are the guy on the left’s pants from?

I wonder why there is never any women, you know, the ones with the same headwrap as the guy in the first pic.

These are useful, DL’ed :smiley:

OMG thanks you skimas, to tell everyone how awesome the phy are on the models, there sweet, i replaced the L4D phy with yours and they they are 100% perfect, thank you.

Same place as the coat.

are these player models?

there mums don’t know there terrorists

why do you ask? also, they’re ragdolls.

Maybe he wants to use them as playermodels?

Is there a way to make them player models? I want to use them on my upcoming Iraq server.