Middle Eastern Soldier?

Hello. So, I have Simka’s Early 2000s’s US models, and they are the exact thing I want for Middle Eastern soldiers, but they have the wrong heads for that purpose. So, could anyone just swap out the regular heads on these 2 models for Middle Eastern-ish heads. I would also like a camo reskin for the desert, just to make it the old ‘chocolate chip’ camo. Thanks in advance.

Or you can just search through other addons that have Arma 3 heads and get the middle-eastern facemaps into those

did something similar a while ago

I would use these as Modern Syrian Soldiers, Modern Iraqi’s, And maybe Modern Afghans if someone would be willing to do an extra reskin.
I just wanted to put that out there.
I am mainly trying to go for this look:

thats what i went for in the pack i sent

They don’t even look remotely close.

Why not use Simkas’s movie special forces since the outdated 80’s loadouts are closer to what those syrian guys are wearing.

Alright. Checking it out now.

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I have tried those. Not really what I am going for.

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Thanks for the models, albino. Can anyone else suggest some models that look like the soldiers in the picture above? Thanks in advance.

There are private models just like those for espionage wars.

How about the Battlefield 3 PLR? They look middle eastern-ish, and come with lots of bodygroups

I have those, and they might work, now that I think of it. Does anyone know of any buried packs or such, things deep on FP?

No. That’s not how facepunch works.

Good model packs don’t get ‘buried deep on fp’. The only things that get forgotten about or lost are things that were either not particuarily popular, very niche, or just plain shitty.

There are no models that match your request any closer than what’s already been shown to you.

No, I am talking things that are in threads that have 100s of pages and such. I don’t want to look through 100s of pages of threads for a model that someone else might know where it is.

As FloaterTWO told you, there are no models that match your request any closer than what’s already been shown to you. You’ll just have to deal with that and work with what you can. If that’s not enough to satisfy your needs, then you may want to consider investing your time in learning how to create what you need on your own. Not trying to be a dick by saying that, just making a suggestion.

If you’re not willing to look on your own for something that you need, why should anyone be willing to do it for you instead?

Most of those threads are WIP threads. Pretty much every release made on Facepunch has its own, separate thread.

Also bear in mind, there’s content in the WIP threads that has never been released, either because whoever was working on them dropped the project, because the data was lost, or simply because they were never intended to be released at all.


There are some packs that are hard to find, though, he’s right. THere used to be some people that wouldn’t create their own threads for releases and would just release them in the Skim/Pimpage or the Ports/Hacks thread without much fanfare, and they were definitely blink it, you miss it.

If you’re not too picky, there’s also some good Taliban models from Medal of Honor 2010 released by DDOK1994 and Tsaudrlwhatever his name is. I’ll try and dig them up, because I want to use them for something else anyway.

I gave him a link to those a while ago, dunno if he did even downloaded them

They weren’t exactly ‘good’. They weren’t the nicest models to begin with and they were badly ported. I don’t even think they had faceposing.

Yeah they did, but really limited (You did even had to move theyr eyes with the faceposer :v: )

I did. They are somewhat good, except you cant put them in the stand pose or their feet go into the ground, and no bodygroups. There is another MoH pack that is a bit better.