middle of the map a bit barren?

I traveled away from spawn to get away from the grand cluster of naked men on the roads just to realize there were very very very few resources out there (only trees) do the dev’s plan on adding rocks and animals to the cener of the map at all? i kind of like to get away from spawn and do my own thing and explore I just can’t because there are no resources out there to survive.

The “middle of the map” actually has some of the most resources, to give you an understanding of the spawning mechanism, I’ll link a map below, an area around the radzones, and some fields have preset spawn locations, one of them is randomly chosen when you random respawn, if you are talking about running from the radzones for a couple of minutes, you will eventually come across an are with no rocks, no resources will spawn past this point, but inside the rock area resources spawn quite frequently to my knowledge, resource spawn rates will not be changed any time soon. One reason that you are not finding resources, could be the fact you are playing on a high population server in which everyone mines all the wood and rocks before you can.http://playrustwiki.com/images/2/2b/Brandy92_map.jpg

had no chance to play rust before, due to the linux bug. but wait, there is only one map??? i thought this would be randomized somehow.