MidH, MidW, and other screen position

I need Help because i actually trying to making a gamemode and i want to learn the postion on the screen and how to place for exemple a drame in a position, but i didn’t seen any tutorials about this.
If Anyone can help me about this.

Sorry If my english is bad but i’m french.

PANEL:SetPos (x, y)
PANEL:SetSize (width, height)


Thanks you for this,
I have an other question, does a programme exist to have these coordinates?
Thank you again

Yes there’s a programm I use everytime I make a GUI (Graphical User Interface) in my GameMode.

It’s called DermaDesigner, but the project has been disbanned from monthes now. I have a copy of the last version for this program. I know it’s not realy well made, if I had the time I’d make a C++ version of it that would be better, but anyway I haven’t the time to make a C++ app.

Here you go : http://dlsrv.sldt-team.net/public_dl.php?file=Build022.zip

Ok thank you very much

You’re welcome.

Also don’t forget to mark the thread as solved, because I think now it’s solved…