MIDI Keyboard SENT or tool.

I have a MIDI keyboard, and I want play on it in gmod. It’s like you are on server, going to tools, selecting MIDI Keyboard SENT or tool, spawning it, and then showcasing your friends your skills at piano :stuck_out_tongue:
If only Joystick Module had this feature…
So, can anyone do this thing for me? Please. :slight_smile:

Try Falco’s Scrippies, it has a keyboard (spawnable and VGUI) and if the server has the FScripts, everyone can hear you play! And I think you can use a computer keyboard to use musical typing (You may be able to use a keyboard, IDK)

hope I helped :snoop:

Thanks, I’ll use it, but anyway, something like gm_midipiano would be much better :slight_smile: