Midnight Harvest

Set on the Planet Midnight Harvest, Owned, and ran by the Mega company “GeoTerra Corp”, You’ve hired by the company to help stop the spread of the swarm on the planet, and save as much company “assests”, as possible

Map - name - Progress
Map 1 - Midnight Port - Alpha
Map 2 - Road to Midnight - WIP
Map 3 - Attack at Dawn - Making Pre-fabs-textures-props
Map 4 - Unknown - Designing

Download: (Save to alien swarm, addons folder)



Gameplay Video:

Gameplay 2: (Provided by nantchev)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTtZhQsT … 5IuEd4Dw7c

Images use [noparse][/noparse]

Looks pretty good there!

Lots of updates to first map, And second map released

Looks cool, might try this