Midnight Riders

could someone make the midnight riders bus model or post a download to it because I can’t find it on my inferior machine

FYI: I own a mac

Shouldn’t this be in the model/skins section?

I’m new here, so I dunno

…Its common sense… If your new, you should take a look around the forum. Watch how others post and make sure the you make are in the correct section.

Well now I know.

Seems you’ve been here longer than me, and you ignore (“don’t post on a thread that’s in the wrong section, report it and move on”)

He was just trying to help.

No need to become a troll. I saw that you were new and I am helping you to avoid these future mistakes. If you don’t like my good advice, then I’m sorry.

I’ll move this to model/skin requests for you but pay more attention next time, thanks.

The bus model can be found by searching if you download gm_mount2

I think he’s got it right.