Midnight stroll

Another scene build, what a surprise :v:


Super DoF could’ve been used here, the VMT making his pants like that needs to be edited, unless his pants are made of PVC, the detail of the gun aswell has annoying aliasing shit, if you have GIMP, de-speckle can help with that, his pose also makes it seem like he’s alert as if it’s not just a Midnight Stroll, more like a Midnight Patrol in this case.

Posing is pretty solid and the scene doesn’t look too bad either, apart from the Moon, it looks odd.

who the hell thought it would be a good idea to slap phong all over the models in the first place

should set the fresnel ranges to 0 0 7 IMO

I have no idea who made the model actually :v:

I Love Sleeping Dogs! It’s my favorite game!