Midwest Frag Rust Server

Name: Midwest Frag Rust - Kansas City - PVP/SLEEPER/DOOR SHARE
Connection Info:

New server up,most players are from the KC Missouri area, looking for more folks. The server is currently at 10:11am rocking a 0/150 players so im guessing if you connect and start to build you will probably not get shot in the back.

Admins are adults with experience managing TF2/Minecraft/L4D servers.
Running Rust++ for doorshare, part/join, pvp kill

The environment we ideally would like to see is multiple groups pushing each other in several areas such as resource / area control, raiding and especially pvp.

We are a young gaming community with low members but will grow without a doubt.

Please stop by and say hi, come shoot or rob someone or get robbed or shot :slight_smile:

WHY DID YOU JUST WIPE THE SERVER WHEN IT HAD JUST BEEN WIPED A SHORT WHILE BEFORE? There was a clan of seven of us playing almost constantly and we lost everything…we had almost built a metal house in two days real time. :suicide: