Might aswell do this or I'll horse it later..

One of a kind - beautiful and very unique horse!



Edit: I think people got trolled bad - sadly I’m one of them.

To not get myself banned I’ll have a fair question:
Will there be horses in Rust?
I mean, what’s better way of transporting from point A to B than horses? Random spawns, craftable saddles and stuff!

(User was banned for this post ("spam" - postal))

Can someone tell me what is with these horse threads?

it came up with this: http://xat.com/ghetto

Honestly I’ve no idea.
Can’t really take the risk of being one of those not getting a key for posting a freaking horse.
As stupid as it sounds, I don’t wanna take a chance :stuck_out_tongue:
My account is old here on Facepunch and the chances are I’ll be banned…
Life goes on.


I think this will happen fast i will keep you up to dat of it :slight_smile: