Might be making a server...

Me and my friend might be making a server, most likely a build server. Were still not sure… It will be a 10 - 14 slot server and we need suggestions, like Add-ons, if we sell admin then at what price and other things like that. Any suggestions would be helpful… Thank you :slight_smile:

If we make the server it WILL have:

Adv Dupe - Thanks Teddi Orange

If we make the server it WILL NOT have:


Thats enough for a small build server really. Apart from Adv dupe, unless you meant that with wiremod.

Sounds cool man, good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: Also - I forgot Adv. Duplicator. :slight_smile: Thank you.

Also - What map should I use?

No stargate? This thread was a waste of time for me.

If I could I would have like the rings, But stargates can break peoples fortresses. It only takes a moron to place a Stargate next to someone’s base and blow it up. Happened before to me :wink: Thats why

That sounds like enough. Although use advanced stacker, it’s much better.


But don’t sell admin. Only make those who have truly earned your trust over a long period of time admin.


Actually, for 10-14 slots, you and your friend should be ample moderation.

Ok thanks, But I think we will be selling admin for like £3 So the server is staying up for pretty much free to us. It would help. We still need map suggestions guys :slight_smile: